Admission requirements

Applicants must have a sincere desire to pursue a career in some phase of cosmetology.

Requirements for students with VIP Hair and Nails Academy:
  • Complete application for admission.
  • Pay application fee for admission is not refundable. 
  • Minimum age of 16 years.
  • The Academy in its admission policies, instruction, and graduation does not practice discrimination on the grounds of colour, ethnic origin, sex, race, creed, religion, financial status, country or area of origin or residence.
  • The academy honors the student transfers from another school and all credit hours in a program of study similar.
  • Social security or ITIN number.

All programs with the exception of technical nails are taught in English only. 


Any student who has completed previous studies in VIP Academy who wish to apply for readmission will be an application fee for admission (non-refundable $25.00). To apply for readmission must complete a form provided by the Office of Management and sign a new contract of enrolment. During the readmission, you will keep the state of Satisfactory Academic Progress the student had to retire. In the case of students who have been out of the Institution in a program accredited by more than two years, may apply to the validation of hours if you can demonstrate special circumstances. This application will be evaluated by the Academic Director to determine if it is possible. Otherwise, they will have to start the program from the beginning. If a student withdraws voluntarily or is discharged administratively for the first time and seeks readmission, your case will be evaluated. However, if this student is readmitted, and then removed again for the second time, the Institution will not be considered for readmission to any program in the future.

A d m i s s i o n


To enroll in VIP Hair and Nails Academy, to take appointment by calling the 978-683-0407 for guidance and bring photo id.


Photo id

Social Security card; or ITIN number

Registration fee of $50.00 plus the deposit

Signed Contract

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